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The Video Sales Trifecta is a simple 3 video strategy that ANYONE can create regardless of skill level.


This strategy has been proven to generate massive results for your client and is EASY to sell for $5k-$10k+. In this bootcamp, you will learn how!

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Get 2 FREE lessons from our Video Sales Trifecta Bootcamp. We have had students close video production deals for $5k+ from these 2 lessons alone.

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The Video Sales Trifecta is a simple 3 video strategy consisting of a Promo Video, a Brand Message Video, and Testimonial video. These 3 videos are designed reach your client's ideal customer at all stages of the marketing funnel from cold traffic to warm traffic to hot traffic. 

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I don't even know where to start looking for clients... most people I talk to only wants to spend $500 on video. Or even worse, they want me to work for free in exchange for "exposure" .


I have no idea how to run a sales meeting... even if I did land a meeting with a high budget client, I would have no idea what to say to justify charging even close to $5,000 for a video project.


I have no idea how to consistently find new clients and maintain consistent income... even if I do somehow manage to close a $5k+ deal, I have no idea how to consistently close more deals and maintain a full time income.


My videos never get my clients results... I have all the gear and make beautiful videos but they never do anything for my clients. As a result, they never call me back to do more work which makes scaling my business impossible. 

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We're so confident that you will love our program that we are offering you a 14 day money back guarantee! 

If you don't love the program, we will refund 100% of your purchase within 14 days. No questions asked. 

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DAYS 1-3
What is The Video Sales Trifecta?

During days 1-3 you will learn what the Sales trifecta is, why it's so powerful, and why business owners LOVE buying it. You'll also master the art of creating top tier strategy flowcharts & sales presentations that your prospects will open their wallets for. 

- What Is The Trifecta & Why Is It So Easy To Sell? 
- How To Create Strategy Flowcharts Prospects LOVE
- How To Craft High Level Sales Presentations 


DAYS 4-6
Understanding Social Media Theory 

During days 4-6 you'll gain a deeper understanding of how social media & paid digital ads work. While you may never plan to run ads, we can guarantee you that this knowledge WILL help you sell high ticket Trifecta deals. 

- Why Is Understanding Social Media Theory Important? 
- The Power of Paid Ads + The Sales Trifecta 
- How To Use This Knowledge To Close Huge Deals 

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DAYS 7-13
Production, Post Production & Contracts

Days 7-13 will walk you step by step through creating your own sales trifecta. Not only will you understand how to create these videos for clients, you will have them for yourself to attract new leads & show them first hand how powerful the strategy is. We'll also cover how to structure your contracts.

- How To Create A Trifecta Step By Step
- How To Structure Your Client Contracts


DAYS 14-16
Building A Sales Pipeline & Pricing 

Building a sales pipeline is the key to having a consistent bank of leads to fall back on when you need more work. We'll show you how it's done. We'll also show you how to price your Sales Trifecta in order to close deals for $10k+

- How To Build & Grow A Sales Pipeline 
- How To Use Your Pipeline To Close Deal After Deal
- How To Price Your Sales Trifecta & Close Bigger Deals

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DAYS 17-21
Implementing The Trifecta & Selling It

The final 4 days of the bootcamp will show you exactly how to implement the trifecta for yourself & your clients. We'll also cover how to start booking meetings and closing deals. 

- How To Implement The Trifecta For Yourself 
- How To Implement The Trifecta For Clients 
- How To Start Booking Meetings & closing Deals

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